"ConstructionSkills have contracted with WLC Ltd on several different occasions with regard to developing technical solutions, creating new tools to measure skills requirements and collaborating on tenders of a commercial nature. The WLC Ltd team are experienced, innovative and responsive. All members of the team demonstrate an appetite for challenge and work with you to develop creative solutions whilst remaining pragmatic and flexible" Sandra Lilley, Commercial Strategy Manager, ConstructionSkills

"The company employs high quality researchers, all with PhDs, who are capable of delivering research that is relevant to the needs of industry. This is backed up by Professor Horner’s considerable experience both in carrying out research and in reviewing research projects. In our view, the staff of WLC Ltd would be highly effective and efficient advisors in research and methodological approaches and we are convinced that you would receive a first rate service that would be of benefit to your programme" John Mackenzie, Company & Economic Development Manager, University of Dundee

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