Many organisations meet situations where contentious issues cause internal tensions and potential conflict. These tensions can be damaging to the long term health of the company. They may arise for a number of reasons: vested interests, lack of trust, ignorance, poor communications, lack of evidence, and more rarely, sheer cussedness. It is sometimes difficult to resolve these issues internally, because there is no one in the organisation who everyone trusts to make an objective decision. Of course, a decision can be imposed by senior management, but this often results in a lack of commitment from those staff who do not agree with the decision.

One way to help is to call on the services of a third party, who has no vested interest and who can be relied on to offer an objective approach. A skilled facilitator will lay down ground rules for discussion, tease out the real, often underlying issues, ask difficult questions of everyone and seek consensus in away that everyone feels that they have had a fair hearing, that the resulting decision is a majority view and not the view of a powerful minority, and that the reasons for the decision are clearly and fully understood.

We have experience in facilitation at the highest level. Professor Horner's clients have included Shetland Island Council, Lerwick Port Authority, and Scottish Government Roads Department. He has also provided expert advice in numerous litigation proceedings.

Further Details

For more information on facilitation, please contact Prof Malcolm Horner at malcolm.horner@wlcuk.com or call 01382 224304.