Post occupancy evaluation

Post Occupancy Evaluation identifies the potential to:

Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) is a process whereby the efficiency, performance and expectations of a building are measured once clients have taken possession and the occupants are involved in the business for which the building was constructed. Such activity is also applicable to older buildings.

Evaluation can take a number of forms using existing methodologies, through agreed processes depending on purpose and client needs or a combination of these two approaches.

The advantages of POE are well documented and the details and findings to date are beneficial in providing a range of information relating to the technical and functional performance of a building. The occupants and others with an involvement with the actual business being conducted within the premises also play a key part through expressing their own particular views. The results can assist in bringing about immediate improvements as well as influencing future developments within the building and in the design of new buildings with a similar purpose.

Our Expertise

Our highly specialised staff will observe, examine and discuss every facet of the school's performance agreed in advance with the client, and present a final, user-friendly report indicating the scope for improvement.

Further Details

For more information on post occupancy evaluation, please contact Prof Malcolm Horner at or call 01382 224304.