Productivity Improvement

Productivity improvements of 30 per cent and more are perfectly achievable. On a typical project, this represents a reduction in cost of the order of 10 per cent, or an increase in contractors’ profit of some 250 per cent. These increases in productivity have a direct impact on carbon emissions, particularly on the savings of energy and transportation through the reduced project duration to realise a project.

Our expertise

Our approach to developing simple models of construction projects reduces the effort involved in data collection by some 80%. This has allowed us to develop simple systems for capturing and analysing productivity data in real time. A combination of a lean approach and our bespoke productivity software allows us to develop simple control systems which quickly highlight where the potential for improvements lie, and what actions are necessary to implement them. Application of this approach has resulted in productivity gains of more than 20%, whilst at the same time increasing the satisfaction of the work force and reducing the amount of effort in collecting site data by as much as 70%.

The development of a labour productivity portal allows contractors the opportunity to record and benchmark data in a web-based application. Using the principal of significance to simplify the data collection process contractors can measure their own productivity and that of their subcontractors weekly or monthly at a task level. Read more on the productivity portal page.

We are in the process of developing similar techniques for measuring and optimising productivity in repair and maintenance contracts. This is important since the repair and maintenance costs of many infrastructure projects can be the same order of magnitude as the capital costs.

More for Less

More for Less - CIRIAProfessor Malcolm Horner, Chairman of WLC Limited, is the co-author of the CIRIA publication "More for Less — A contractor's guide to improving productivity".


We also offer training in productivity improvement.

Further Details

For more information on productivity improvement, please contact Prof Malcolm Horner at or call 01382 224304.