Productivity Portal

The productivity portal is an online application commissioned by the University of Dundee which allows contractors to capture, analyse and track productivity information easily, leading to potential improvements in productivity.

How it works

Access to the productivity portal is through a simple-to use online interface. Productivity data for significant activities are stored in terms of the outputs (m2, m3 etc) and the inputs (labour hours). Data can be stored either monthly or weekly. By measuring only the significant activities, the data gathering process is significantly reduced.

Our past research has demonstrated that productivity can be most effectively managed when it is collected at the task level. We have therefore developed the tool to record in this way.

The web-based portal allows contractors the ability to anonymously benchmark their productivity against other projects within their organisation or with all other projects of a similar type.

The benefits and uses

Further Details

For more information on the productivity portal, please contact Dr Doug Forbes at or call 01382 224304.