Our activities and expertise are underpinned by the research carried out by the Construction Management Research Unit (CMRU) at the University of Dundee across the whole field of Construction and Project Management. We offer contract research services to organisations to help them find solutions to their problems. We are happy to undertake contract research to address problems related to the construction industry.

Our Expertise

Research in the CMRU is funded in roughly equal measure by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). Current research topics include:

The CMRU led a consortium of four Scottish and English Universities (SUE-MoT) in a £1.3m EPSRC funded project “Metrics, models and toolkits for whole life sustainable urban development”. At its heart lies the development of an Integrated Sustainability Assessment Toolkit (ISAT) which will allow key decision-makers to identify, prioritise and express in a common measure all the relevant issues for all the stakeholders in any given situation. The CMRU is also a member of the EPSRC-funded SURegen project that aims to provide guidance on the sustainability of urban regeneration projects.

Built Asset Life cycle Intelligence (BALI) project

A partnership between Whole Life Consultants Ltd and the University of the West of Scotland is aiming to produce an easy and intelligent way of capturing the performance of modern buildings.

The overall vision of the project is to explore the feasibility of developing a web-based tool that will collect, monitor and analyse the whole-life performance of a built asset. This will allow the optimisation of the user-defined performance of the asset in real time, and inform the optimum design of future assets The system will create a framework based on a BIM (Building Information Model) in which all necessary data can be collected from all building components and interrogated.

The project is co-funded by Innovate UK.


Further Details

For more information on research, please contact Prof Malcolm Horner at or call 01382 224304.