Sustainability Assessment

Our staff are BREEAM and CEEQUAL trained, and are therefore well qualified to undertake conventional sustainability assessments. However, because of their cutting edge expertise in the fundamentals of, and risks associated with sustainability assessment, they are in a unique position to identify how maximum sustainability (including social benefits) can be achieved at minimum cost.

Our Expertise

Through their involvement in two major EPSRC projects (Metrics Models and Toolkits for Whole Life Sustainable Urban Development, and SURegen - Integrated Decision Support System for Sustainable Urban Regeneration – a digital workbench for regeneration agents and their stakeholders) staff of WLC Limited have developed novel approaches to sustainability assessment which are considerably simpler than conventional approaches, but which integrate the economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainability. They therefore have a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of sustainability, and the potential pitfalls associated with sustainability assessment. Their application of sustainability assessment in practice benefits from this unique research background, and allows them to deploy novel tools such as Full Cost Accounting.

In addition to bespoke and novel means of assessing sustainability, we are able to offer services in the following standard assessment methods:

Full Costing Accounting

Sustainable solutions are often dismissed as being too expensive; yet there is little data to substantiate this assertion. Our research into novel methods of assessing the economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainability simultaneously, including new approaches to full cost accounting and emergy analysis (a combination of embedded and operational energy) allows us to determine the relative sustainability of alternative design solutions.

Integrated Sustainability Assessment Toolkit (ISAT)

The ISAT assesses the sustainability of buildings and developments holistically, embracing economic, environmental and social dimensions in an integrated way to provide clients, developers, designers and other stakeholders with a more accurate picture of sustainability.

Further Details

For more information on sustainability assessment, please contact Dr Mohamed El-Haram at or call 01382 224304.