WLC Evaluator

In today’s economic climate, making the right decisions is absolutely crucial. All organisations involved in every stage of project/product supply chains need to determine the lowest-cost whole-life solution which achieves optimum value for money.

Traditionally investment decisions in the built environment have been made on the strength of lowest initial or capital costs. It is only in recent years that both public and private clients have started to recognise the short-sightedness of such policies.

Whole life costing is a process that seeks to examine every direct and indirect cost throughout the entire life cycle of a project/product from inception to disposal. Its primary goal is to evaluate and optimise the initial and future costs of a project/product while satisfying the client or end-user requirements. It can be used at any stage of life of a project/product (new or existing) and by all organisations involved in each stage of a project/product supply chain.

Whole Life Cost (WLC) Evaluator is a desktop application that facilities the calculation and application of whole life costs for any asset. Traditionally, whole life cost calculations are carried out in tailor made spreadsheets. WLC Evaluator overcomes the limitations of such approaches by managing the data in a consistent format whilst retaining the ability to export and import to a spreadsheet. It is an efficient and effective tool for optimising whole life costs in complex environments.


The key features of WLC Evaluator are:


For more information on whole life costing please contact Dr Mohamed El-Haram at mohamed.elharam@wlcuk.com or call 01382 224304. To download a trial version of WLC Evaluator, please visit our sister website: http://www.wlcsoftware.com/products/