Whole Life Consultants Limited is a spin out company of the University of Dundee. Founded in 2004, originally to commercialise the results of a major EPSRC funded programme “A Generic Approach to Whole Life Costing”, its activities have subsequently expanded to encompass the commercialisation of all the intellectual property and expertise developed by the Construction Management Research Unit (CMRU). The CMRU is part of the Department of Civil Engineering which achieved the sixth highest score in the UK in the latest Research Assessment Exercise. Supported by the research carried out by the CMRU, the company is ideally positioned to realise the synergies between academic research and practising professionals. The company’s multi-disciplinary staff, of whom most are qualified to PhD standard, include Civil, Mechanical and Environmental Engineers, Social, Natural and Computer Scientists.

Drawing on this cutting edge research, the company has specialist expertise in the fields of construction productivity improvement, project cost and time modelling, whole life cost, value management, asset management and sustainability. Four of its six members of staff have PhDs in construction-related fields. Two of the three directors are also academic staff members of the University, and have track records in winning research funding in excess of £5m from both the public and private sectors in many areas of Construction Management including productivity improvement and the factors that affect it. More than a dozen PhDs in productivity, sustainability and whole life costing have been completed at the Construction Management Research Unit under the supervision of Professor Horner (Chairman of WLC Limited). The work of the CMRU in the field of productivity has been captured in the seminal work “More for Less – a contractors’ guide to improving productivity in construction” published by CIRIA in 2001.