• Labour Forecasting Tool

    The labour forecasting tool predicts labour demand on a construction project given no more than the value, location and duration. It can be used for a variety of purposes including estimating skills needs, regional workforce planning and negotiating community benefits such as section 106 agreements.

  • Productivity Portal

    The productivity portal is a web-based application to allow contractors to record and benchmark their own producivity at a task level. It can be used for controlling and improving productivity, estimating and planning, benchmarking performance internally and externally and claims for delay and disruption

  • WLC Evaluator

    WLC Evaluator provides a cost estimate and audit of entire built assets through different life cycle stages based on a standard methodology and in a consistent format. It provides with flexibility, efficiency, reliability and traceability.

Key Services:

Productivity Improvement

Measuring and forecasting labour productivity is key to improvement.

Our simple, novel tools allow us to record & forecast labour demand and productivity.

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Whole Life Costing & Value

Whole life costing allows more informed decisions to be made in terms of cost.

We offer consultancy, training and the supply of software in whole life costing.

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Sustainability Assessment

Sustainabilty takes account of social, environmental and economic issues.

Our services include BREEAM, Ecohomes, the Code for Sustainable Homes and CEEQUAL.

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